Thursday, September 8, 2016

BlRR Recommended. Edition of 250 copies with the first 100 numbered.

Available Sep 15. Split release by square_wave / Prajna. Two long lovely, floating tracks.

1.  square_wave - Lovers Slumber  (21:59)
Ty Hodson - monome, estate sale records, synths, percussion, vocals, mix
Prajna - supine presence, rummaging
Drifting through mists hanging heavily on forests coming to life under sun-kissed clouds, playful Oni lure lost children. 

2.  Prajna - Want to Need  (20:34)
Prajna - bowed and tapped violin, gas tank bells, vocals, processing, mix
Ty Hodson - field recording, processing, mix
Slipping like ghosts through thousand-year-old monastery walls, crossing hidden courtyards where Buddhist monks make their cell phone calls.

Ty Hodson has released music under the square_wave moniker since 2007, having released four albums on his sublevel9 studios imprint. On the side, he writes and records under the name gradenko, with a post-rock/prog album slated for future release on Beta-lactam Ring Records. Ty also represents one half of Armchair Migraine Journey.

Prajna has appeared previously on Armchair Migraine Journey’s ‘Blood Coupling Magnet’ on vocals alongside Soriah. "Want to Need" is her first published solo work.

Mastered by Randall Frazier at Helmet Room
Chris: artwork, design, layout

Edward Ka-Spel / Armchair Migraine Journey - Transmit Acoustique Abstraction Three

Issued Sept 15th to coincide with the N. American tour of The Legendary Pink Dots and Orbit Service. An edition of 111 copies available on the tour with 39 copies available via the label mail-order (first edition of 150). Packaged in a French Black six panel CD case. Two years in the works and finally seeing the light of day. 

“Infernal Machine” a collaboration with Edward Ka-Spel and Armchair Migraine Journey delves deep into a psychedelic swirl of sounds. 

“Strands That Bind”, a new track by AMJ dives slowly into a sea of ambient drones and passages and develops along its 24-minute journey into an almost metal machine music dirge. 

1. Edward Ka-Spel / Infernal Machine: 
Edward Ka-Spel - vocals, synth noodling 
AMJ - drones, synths, processing 
Ty Hodson - drums, vocoder, processing 
Mixed by AMJ and Ty Hodson

2. Armchair Migraine Journey / Strands That Bind: 
Ty Hodson - guitar, drums, synths, processing 
AMJ - synths, drones, theremin 
Randall Frazier - The Voice of …? 
Mixed by AMJ and Ty Hodson 
Includes deconstructed elements of ‘Magnetic Blood Drowning’ with Peat Bog (Earthmonkey) and Randall Frazier (Orbit Service)

'Infernal Machine' by Edward Ka-Spel, AMJ, Ty Hodson 
'Strands That Bind' by Ty Hodson, AMJ
Mastered by Randall Frazier at Helmet Room

AMJ to open for select LPD shows Sep/Oct

The Legendary Pink Dots are about to begin their Tour Aquarius 2016 with Orbit Service. Armchair Migraine Journey will also open for select shows, beginning with the first two shows of the tour: Portland (Sep 15) and Seattle (Sep 16). Other dates to be announced. The full Tour Aquarius schedule can be found at

Monday, September 28, 2015

Armchair Migraine Journey - Blood Coupling Magnet

New album! Spacerock guitars, juicy dark drones, psych drums, dense otherworldly atmospheres, Tuvan throat singing, evocative Eastern drones, a lilting mantra for rebirth... A sonicosmic journey of endings and beginnings... Two epic tracks featuring guests Peat Bog (Earthmonkey) and Randall Frazier (Orbit Service) on one, and the vocal talents of Soriah and Prajna on the other. Edition of 450 numbered copies packaged in a custom gatefold book bound sleeve. Also, an edition of 50 numbered and signed copies with a bonus CD-Record of exclusive music (CD playable with an included adapter on a turntable) plus an original art print by AMJ. Available to order at Beta-lactam Ring Records.

"The emphasis is definitely on the “Journey” as mysterious drone-meets-psychedelia act Armchair Migraine Journey embarks on this new trip. Beginning with a medley of dark ambient drones, buzzes, fades and washes, MAGNETIC BLOOD DROWNING, the initial offering on the two-track Blood Coupling Magnet, lays on thick atmosphere before coalescing into a dark psych-rock jam backed by distortion-drenched drums. In the fashion of the best and most “out there” prog, it effortlessly skirts the line between noise and melody; just when you think things are turning into a morass of self-indulgent feedback, the guitar pulls back just enough to get your head nodding again to the moody Krautrock-inspired rhythm. The second composition, REBIRTH BLOOD ΩM, shifts even more drastically, traveling further out into the sonic and philosophical void. Industrial rock drums and heavy overdriven guitar chords straight out of some early Pigface demo open things before suddenly giving way to the gentlest ambient, delicately drawn out chiming tones over a quiet heartbeat punctuated by heavy breaths. Soon, the otherworldly growling trance-drone of Tuvan throat-singing—courtesy of Soriah's Enrique Ugalde—brings the ethereal down to earth. A Buddhist mantra, sung by Prajna, forms the backbone to the song's latter half, as the throat-singing takes turns with a fuzzed out, effects-drenched tanpura to follow the melody of the chant, drifting in and out of harmony with Prajna's voice. Cosmic, earthy, ominous, uplifting and even spiritual, Blood Coupling Magnet is sonically fascinating, but more than that, it's emotionally affecting. Plenty of experimental music can manage to do interesting things with your head (especially if you're that breed of music nerd that likes to spend time thinking about experimental music) but Blood Coupling Magnet works its way into your gut, too.” --Matthew Johnson

AMJ: sounds electronic, sounds imaginary, sounds found
Ty Hodson: rock and roll music, electronics, analogue processing
Peat Bog (Earthmonkey): guitar, atmospherics on MBD
Randall Frazier (Orbit Service): atmospherics on MBD
Soriah: vocals on RBΩ
Prajna: vocals on RBΩ
All songs by Ty Hodson/AMJ 
Mastered by Randall Frazier at helmet room 
AMJ: Artwork, design, layout

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Un Festín Sagital - Moesta et Errabunda

Happy to contribute drums via Armchair Migraine Journey on the latest EP by Un Festín Sagital, with arresting artwork by Jesse Peper. Available on UFS's bandcamp page and in physical form on Beta-lactam Ring Records.

Game release: Thief of Baghdad [square_wave soundtrack]

I contributed music from the earliest square_wave archives for this beautifully rendered and wickedly difficult game called Thief of Baghdad

From the game creator, Michał Rostocki:
TOBAFCASS is a side shooter with unique visual style and characteristic electronic music. For both the story and visual style I took inspiration from "The Thief of Bagdad" a 1924 classic silent adventure movie with Douglas Fairbanks. Game mechanics are of classic ultra-hard side shooter. In particular I was inspired by "Agony" a beautiful yet unforgiving Amiga game from the 90s. Finally most of the enemies come from "Kunstformen der natur" a book by Ernst Hackel full of litoghraphic illustrations of bizzare creatures perfectly organized with Prussian precision and devotion to symmetry.

Downloadable for free here.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Armchair Migraine Journey - Magnet Coupling Blood

Issued as a numbered edition of 100 copies in a custom made gatefold sleeve, insert and CD-Record. 20 minutes of CD audio and 3 minutes of audio playable on your turntable.

Guest Peat Bog of Earthmonkey: guitar, synths, masterful mix
Ty Hodson: melted rhythms
AMJ: devastated drones
Artwork by Jesse Peper 
Design and layout by amj 
Mastered by Randall Frazier at helmet room

Available for order from Beta-lactam Ring Records.